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Why did MegaUpload close? Learn about how this popular file sharing site was shut down.

MegaUpload is a popular file-sharing website that was shut down by the US Department of Justice on January 19, 2012. If you use MegaUpload or if you have in the past, here’s what you can expect and what it means for you:

MegaUpload’s Road to Trouble

The road to suspension for this site has been a long and bumpy one. Ever since the site launched in 2005, there have been ongoing legal battles with copyright holders from around the world. In 2010, MegaUpload was sued by several major Hollywood studios for copyright infringement.

In December 2011, this case finally went to trial and after three days of deliberation, the jury found MegaUpload guilty of copyright infringement. MegaUpload’s lawyers plan to appeal the jury’s decision, claiming that their client doesn’t actually have a responsibility to police every file that is uploaded to the site.

MegaUpload’s Fate

Despite the site’s legal troubles, it continued to operate until January 19th of this year. That was when the US Department of Justice shut it down, arrested its founder and employees, and seized all of its assets.

The reason for this drastic action is still not entirely clear, but some believe that it may have something to do with the upcoming election. MegaUpload was a popular site and it’s possible that the Department of Justice didn’t want it to become a campaign issue.

MegaUpload Shut Down

On January 19, 2012, MegaUpload was shut down by the US Department of Justice which also charged seven company employees with racketeering. The DOJ said that MegaUpload was created specifically to facilitate copyright infringement.

If you were a member of MegaUpload, the following information is for you:

– You are entitled to any personal files you have stored on the site so long as they don’t infringe upon copyright laws. To get your files back, go to this website  and click the Get My Stuff button.

– Your ability to share files on MegaUpload is suspended indefinitely.

– You are free to use any streaming services, paid or unpaid, that were part of MegaUpload. However, you will not be able to download new files using these services.

The Implications

So what does this mean for you? While MegaUpload is one of the biggest sites to be shut down in recent history, it isn’t the only service out there. There are plenty of file sharing services that allow you to store and share files online, such as RapidShare and Hotfile. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with these services.

Copyright infringement is a serious offense and can result in hefty fines and even prison time. If you’re not sure whether or not a file is copyrighted, it’s best to avoid uploading it to any online service. Copyright laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with them.

If you’re looking for a way to share files online, try using cloud storage services like Microsoft SkyDrive or Apple’s iCloud. You can upload anything you want to these sites without fear of getting in trouble.